Pub 500 and Mankato Brewery Collaborate to Create Two New Beers

KEYC NEWS 12 (March 7, 2017) – As liquor stores begin the adjustment to the new normal, breweries continue to forge their own path.

Those attending Greater Mankato Growth’s Business After Hours this evening at Pub 500, the restaurant had a special treat.

Welcome to the world of nano-brews.

Hosting one of GMG’s Business After Hours events now comes with added pressure. You have to make sure it’s a get together everyone will remember.

“We came up with different ideas of what we could do, what we couldn’t do, what would be fun, what would be different – set us apart from everyone else. I wen tot Tim [Tupy] over at Mankato Brewery and we collaborated on some ideas and came up with some different styles of beer,” Pub 500’s Jay Reasner says.

Their concoction:
Organ Grinder with the added flavors of the restaurant’s Bread Pudding flavors, and Kato Lager infused with Pub 500 Homemade Cranberry Sauce.

“It was actually really cool. It was a lot simpler than you’d think, but still a cool process to watch get done. With the bread pudding, you’d think it would be chunky – we left the bread out. Didn’t put the solid bread into it. Just the flavor into the beer itself,” Pub 500 chef Jason Myers said.

Mankato Brewery has done something like this before. Angie’s Boom Chicka Pop Belgian Style Farmhouse Popcorn Ale.

A continuation of the connection between local companies that really gives Mankato its identity.

“I think Mankato is a great community with all the different businesses, all the different styles of business – manufacturing to high end anything – there’s so much here. Working together is always a goal of business. It should be. And I think we do a great job as a community of supporting local, supporting each other,” Reasner said.

The two beers will be available at Pub 500 until they run out – so if you’d like to try them, hurry!