Pub 500 Holds First .005k

KEYC NEWS 12 (Oct. 19, 2017) – Running and beer enthusiasts came out Thursday for Pub 500’s .005k Pub Run. The race, which is just over 16 feet in length, was put on ahead of the Mankato Marathon and sponsored by Fulton Beer. With a $10 entry fee or $5 with a canned food donation for ECHO Food Shelf, runners got a car sticker, t–shirt, and, of course, a beer.

 “There is a beverage stop midway through,” Jay Reasner, operating partner of Pub 500, said. “As most of the runners know, it’s not the first 8 feet that will get you, it’s the second 8 feet. So we want you to hydrate.”
 All the money from the races will go to ECHO Food Shelf.