Pub 500 Receives YWCA 2018 Distinctive Difference Award

KEYC NEWS 12 (March 27, 2018) – Leadership, community impact and dedication.

“We just want to do our best, and to believe that we are here for our community,” YWCA’s Women of Distinction 2018 honoree Dr. Caroline Baerg said.

Those are just some of the qualities highlighted each year during the YWCA’s Women of Distinction Awards since 1973.

“They’re coming from very different places. They have very different traits and skill sets and passions,” Barb Dorn, executive director at YWCA in Mankato, said.

“They lead, and they all lead very, very well,” Dorn said.

Five local women were recognized for that and more at this year’s award ceremony.

“You live your life and you try to do what you think is right, and you never really know if you’re really making a difference,” YWCA’s Women of Distinction 2018 honoree Sue Keithahn said.

The event also serving as a reminder that they’re doing just that.

“They have changed things for the better. They have volunteered. They have worked hard. They have affected the lives of many more people than we can imagine,” Dorn said.

As they continue to inspire and lead as examples in the community.

“The difference between propelling ourselves into the stratosphere or kind of remaining the status quo. I think to grow, it’s time to propel,” YWCA’s Women of Distinction 2018 honoree Sarah Richards said.

One local business is also recognized each year. Pub 500 was honored with this year’s 2018 Distinctive Difference award.